Our Harley-Davidson Cosmic Blue Pearl custom candy mixed color features low build, fewer coats, are easy to apply. Available in many colors Harley-Davidson candy colors Cosmic Blue Pearl - Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Paint
Our Harley-Davidson Cosmic Blue Blue premium colors are custom mixed using very expensive dry pearls, ice pearls, liquid pearls and/or special toners.

Some of these elite pearls and special toners are no longer available and/or have been discontinued. VMR Paints still has many of these items in stock, but only while supplies last, then we will be forced to discontinue that particular color.
Cosmic Blue Pearl
Paint Code: B62-P
Harley-Davidson Color:
  • Cosmic Blue Pearl

Type of Paint:
  • 3-Stage

Available Sizes:
NOTE: (Total amounts includes
reducer and/or catalyst when added)

  • U.S.  Full Pint    - 16 oz
  • U.S.  1-1/2 Pints - 24 oz
  • U.S.  Full Quart - 32 oz.

Mixed Ratio:
  • 2:1:1  
  • 3:1

Additional Requirements:
  • Basecoat
  • Clearcoat

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  H a r l e y  -  D a v i d s o n     I n d i a n      H o n d a    K a w a s a k i    Y a m a h a    N o r t o n    T r i u m p h    S u z u k i
  H a r l e y  -  D a v i d s o n     I n d i a n      H o n d a    K a w a s a k i    Y a m a h a    N o r t o n    T r i u m p h    S u z u k i
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Sorry, this color is not available in an aerosol